2008 - present

My space on the internet is where I share my thoughts and ideas on topics that are important to me and document my personal development.

Although “Pawlean” represents mostly my blog, it also encompasses creative content under my online brand—for example, YouTube videos, conference talks, and social content.

an alt life

2023 - present

For the dreamers daring to live outside the ordinary. Coming soon!

A podcast by Pawlean

2020 - 2021

A podcast where I spoke to folks from around the world about topics that interested me, from onboarding, remote work, imposter syndrome and mental health.

Some episodes are still available on YouTube.

Inspiring Figures

2018 - 2020

Inspiring conversations with the people that you should know about.

This series was initially a written series which transitioned to a live stream show on Instagram Live and YouTube.

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