Highlights from communities I've led and built

Highlights from communities I've led and built


2021 - present

The Gitpod community is a space to learn about Gitpod CDEs, connect with other developers and build cool projects.

CDE Universe

2023 - present

A conference about the future of software development - learn best practices in cloud development, CDE adoption and emerging technologies. I hosted the first edition of CDE Universe in San Francisco.

DevX Conf

2021 - 2022

DevX Conf is about developer experience - our daily experience when trying to get the job done. I hosted the second virtual edition of the conference.

DevX Community

2022 - present

A curated community for DevX leaders that want to connect, create and exchange learnings and insights.

  • Brought 100 developer-experience professionals into the community

  • Hosted virtual events in the community and connected members to broader DevX initiatives

  • Launched DevXPod, DevX Conf and DevX Digest under this brand

Ladies in DevOps


Ladies in DevOps was launched to bring together women in the DevOps, Infrastructure, and Platform Eng space and highlight the exciting opportunities in this role.

  • 600 women from all over the world joined within two weeks of launching, mostly from social media

  • Our members created content on

  • We were featured in the JB Cole UK article

Code First Girls

2016 - 2021

Code First Girls is on a mission to transform tech. From student to ambassador to instructor, I spent five years creating the CFG community in North England.

  • Taught over 200 students how to code in person and virtually

  • Launched #shefcodefirst and #leedscfg

  • Connected the community to industry, e.g. we attended weekly conferences, events and hackathons as a community.

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